Oct.2015: This site is currently under construction

It is being made to replace http://www.snowdoniabackpacking.freevar.com

Update on October 28 2015:

Well, my intention was to get this new site up and running before adding a redirect on my old site. Then I was going to delete that account when this WordPress site appears in search engines.

But before I could do that, the url for my old site now displays nothing but the following message: “!!! Your php script has an error or account was terminated for terms infringement.”

Presumably, the free host became aware that the site was being duplicated, and pulled the plug on me. It was done with absolutely no warning whatsoever, but that didn’t entirely surprise me because two years ago the owner closed a different site of mine in exactly the same way when it became infected with a virus, at which time I found him to be not only unsympathetic and unhelpful, but extremely rude too.

Fortunately I had already copied all of the text, and I have copies on an old web building program as well, so nothing is lost.

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