Book List

These are the books about backpacking and North Wales that have inspired me.
Most of the titles in my collection are now only available secondhand.
Of the ones that are still in print, there are likely to be later editions than those shown below.

Backpacking and related

Adshead, R. The Spur masterguide to backpacking. 1982, Spurbooks.
Barry, J. & Jepson, T. Safety on mountains plus an accompanying VHS video. 2000, British Mountaineering Council.
Booth, D.  The backpacker’s handbook. 2nd edition 1979, Hale.
Lumley, P. Teach yourself backpacking. 1975, English University Press.
Pedgely, D. Mountain weather. 2nd edition 1997, Cicerone.
Styles, S. Backpacking in Wales. 1977, Hale.
Uney, G. Backpacker’s Britain Volume 2: Wales. 2004, Cicerone.
Walker, K. Mountain navigation techniques. 1986, Constable.
Walker, K. Mountain hazards. 1988, Constable.
Walker, K. Wild country camping. 1989, Constable.

I also recommend anything written by Chris Townsend, particularly his 1991 book The backpacker’s handbook, Oxford Illustrated Press. Later editions of this were published in the USA and are slanted very much towards American users.

Up to the time of writing this there have been no more recent books on the subject produced in the UK. However, while equipment has improved over the intervening years the practice and techniques remain exactly the same, therefore the above titles are just as relevant now as they were then.

Walking in North Wales

Allen, B. On foot in Snowdonia. 1993, Joseph.
Ashton, S. Classic walks in Wales. Reprint 1995, Promotional Reprint.
Ashton, S. Hill walking in Snowdonia. 2nd edition 2002, Cicerone.
Astley, R. Challenging walks: North West England and North Wales. 1994, Sigma Leisure.
Clayton, R. & Turnbull, R. Welsh three thousand foot challenges. 1997, Grey Stone.
Gilbert, R. 200 challenging walks in Britain and Ireland. 1992, Diadem.
Gillham, J. Snowdonia to the Gower: a coast to coast walk across highest Wales. 1988, Diadem.
Gillham, J. A Welsh coast to coast walk: Snowdonia to Gower. Revised edition 1996, Cicerone.
Gillham, J.  A pictorial guide to the mountains of Snowdonia 1. The Northern Peaks. 2010,  Francis Lincoln.
Gillham, J.  A pictorial guide to the mountains of Snowdonia 2. The Western Peaks. 2010,  Francis Lincoln.
Gillham, J.  A pictorial guide to the mountains of Snowdonia 3. The Eastern Peaks. 2011,  Francis Lincoln.
Gillham, J.  A pictorial guide to the mountains of Snowdonia 4. The Southern Peaks. 2011,  Francis Lincoln.
Godwin, F. & Toulson, S. The drovers’ roads of Wales. 1977, Wildwood House.
Hermon, P. Hill walking in Wales Volume 1. 1991, Cicerone.
Hermon, P. Hill walking in Wales Volume 2. 1991, Cicerone.
Jones, J. The lakes of North Wales. 1983, Wildwood House.
Jones, R. The complete guide to Snowdon. 1992, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.
MacInnes, D. & MacInnes, K. Walking through Wales. 1984, David & Charles.
Maddern, R. Snowdonia: ancient trackways, Roman roads, packhorse trails. 1981, Focus.
Maddern, R. Walk in magnificent Snowdonia. 1981, Focus.
Marsh, T. The summits of Snowdonia. 1984, Hale.
Marsh, T. The mountains of Wales. 1985, Hodder & Stoughton.
Merrill, J.M. John Merrill’s Snowdon challenge walk. 1992, Trail Crest.
Mulholland, H. Guide to Wales’ 3000-foot mountains. 1983, Mulholland.
Nuttall, J. & Nuttall, A. The mountains of England and Wales: Volume 1 Wales. 1989, Cicerone.
Poucher, W.A. The Welsh peaks. 7th edition 1979, Constable.
Redfern, R. Rambles in North Wales. 1993, Sigma Leisure. (It is an edited version of a book first published in 1968 by Hale.)
Styles, S. Backpacking in Wales. 1977, Hale.
Uney, G. The high summits of Wales. 1999, Logaston.
Uney, G. Backpacker’s Britain Volume 2: Wales. 2004, Cicerone.

The North Wales countryside and other books

Addison, K. Classic glacial landforms of Snowdonia. 1983, Geographical Association.
Barber, C. Mysterious Wales. 1983, Paladin.
Barber, C. More mysterious Wales. 1987, Paladin.
Carr, H.R.C. & Lister, G.A. The mountains of Snowdonia. 2nd edition 1948, Crosby Lockwood.
Condry, W.M. The Snowdonia National Park. 2nd edition 1975, Collins New Naturalist.
Condry, W.M. The natural history of Wales. 1982, Collins New Naturalist.
Crew, P. & Musson, C. Snowdonia from the air: patterns in the landscape. 1996, Snowdonia National Park Authority.
Embleton, C. British landscapes through maps, 5: Snowdonia. 1982, Geographical Association.
Evans, D.E. Welsh scenery. Revised edition 1971, National Museum of Wales.
Firbank, T. I bought a mountain. Reprint 1956, Harrap.
Hopkins, A. Anthony Hopkins’ Snowdonia. 1995, Colin Baxter Photography.
Howe, G.M. & Thomas, P. Welsh landforms and scenery. 1965, Macmillan.
Hutchinson, G. & Thomas, B.A. Welsh ferns. 7th edition 1996, National Museum of Wales.
Jones, D. The botanists and guides of Snowdonia. 1996, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.
Jones, J.L. The waterfalls of Wales. 1986, Hale.
Lockley, R.M. The naturalist in Wales. 1970, David & Charles.
Maslen-Jones, B. Countdown to rescue. 1993, The Ernest Press.
Maslen-Jones, B. A perilous playground: Misadvenures in Snowdonia and the development of the Mountain Rescue Services 1805-1990s. 1998, Bridge Books.
North, F.J., Campbell, B. & Scott, R. Snowdonia. 1949, Collins New Naturalist.
Pardoe, H.S. & Thomas, B.A. Snowdon’s plants since the glaciers. 1992, National Museum of Wales.
Poucher, W.A. Snowdonia through the lens. 1941, Chapman & Hall.
Poucher, W.A. Snowdon holiday. 1943, Chapman & Hall.
Poucher, W.A. Escape to the hills. 1944, Country Life.
Poucher, W.A. Wanderings in Wales. 1949, Country Life.
Poucher, W.A. Wales. 1982, Constable.
Poucher, W.A. Snowdonia. 1990, Constable.
Roberts, G. The lakes of Eryri. 1995, Gwasg Carreg Gwalch.
Smythe, F.S. Over Welsh hills. 1942, Black.
Blake, M.J. (ed.) Warplane wrecks of interest in Snowdonia. 1983 and 1984 volumes, Snowdonia Aviation Historical Society.  A number of books on this subject have been published over the years, while there is an excellent blog, Peak Wreck Hunters which contains interesting details and photos, plus grid references.
Styles, S. The mountains of North Wales. 2nd impression 1974, Gollancz.
Wakefield, P. & Morris, J. Wales: the first place. 1982, Aurum.

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