Gear List

The items listed below are what I use in Snowdonia in May and September. Less solitude, midges and possible high temperatures deter me from going in summer, but if I did the lantern would not be needed and also a little of the warm clothing if the weather was good and certain to remain so.
Note how many items are in plastic bags to keep them dry.
In May 2018 my packed rucksack weighed 8.373 kg (18.5 lb) without food and water, while with these it was a gross weight of 11.17 kg (24.56 lb).

  • Rucksack (Karrimor Jaguar 6, 75 litres), containing all of the following items:
  • Down sleeping bag (Vango Venom 600), in its stuffsack AND in a plastic bag (the stuffsack is waterproof but I use it to make a pillow and I have found that in rain its outside can get quite wet inside my non-waterproof rucksack).
  • Tent (Wild Country Zephyros 1), minus the tent bag but with the poles bag and a peg bag (ultralight spinnaker fabric). Modifications:  The original guys are replaced with 2mm Dyneema and Hilleberg sliders, the pegs with Hilleberg V-Pegs, the zip pulls with brightly coloured 3mm Dyneema, and various other minor changes have been made.
  • Tent peg pusher (a 3/4″ nylon barbed tee with the side pipe shortened).
  • A heavy-duty black bin bag, to kneel or sit on in the porch, also to pack wet tent in.
  • Self-inflating ground mat (Multimat Superlite Compact 25 S), minus its bag and minus the elasticated retaining bands. I applied anti-slip spray to the underside; while this is effective it has also left the mat sticky, so I do not wholly recommend it.
  • Baselayers (Helly Hansen Kastrup).                                         )__
  • Pair of Meraklon inner socks (Bridgedale), used as bed socks  )     in a plastic bag.
  • Down jacket (Haglofs LIM Essens), in a plastic bag. Used as an outer garment during lunch stops, and  evenings/mornings while wild camping.
  • Fleece hat (Lowe Alpine).
  • Fleece neck warmer (Chinese).
  • Lightweight sun hat, synthetic material (Craghoppers). One hat or the other is packed in a rucksack pocket and one is either worn or stuffed in trouser thigh pocket.
  • Mittens (Buffalo, treated with Nikwax TX-Direct Spray On). Not included if mild and settled weather is certain.
  • Gaiters (Outdoor Designs, eVent). More often worn than packed.
  • Waterproof jacket (Craghoppers Kiwi Gore-Tex). Lightly folded in half and laid across the top of the rucksack under the top flap, for easy access when needed.
  • Waterproof overtrousers (Champion Typhoon). Folded and fastened with webbing straps on top of rucksack, again for easy access.
  • Spare underpants and handkerchief, in a plastic bag.
  • Gas stove (BRS-3000T Titanium Stove).
  • Gas cartridge, 220g size (GoSystems), with a plastic cap on the valve to protect it..
  • Lantern (Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro USB Rechargeable). The karabiner on my map case (see below) is also used to hang the lantern from a zip pull in the tent.
  • Water bag (Chinese, folding plastic, 5 litre).
  • Collapsible funnel (Chinese) to aid filling water bag. I found I can fill the bag almost as well pouring carefully from my plastic beaker.
  • Water prefilter (Steripen Prefilter).
  • Water sterilizer (Steripen Adventurer), with lithium batteries.
  • Nalgene Cantene collapsible bottle, 1 litre.
  • Easy Sipper insert for Nalgene bottle.
  • Titanium pot and lid, 550 ml (MySolo), with a strong rubber band to hold them together. Small items are packed inside it.
  • Plastic microwave bowl, 7 in. diameter x 3 in. depth. Bags of foodstuffs are packed inside it.
  • Plastic measuring beaker (Chinese, 500 ml), used as a mug and to measure water for freeze-dried meals.
  • Plastic dessert spoon.
  • Plastic teaspoon. I realised I was only using this to spoon out instant coffee and stir it, which I can do just as well with the dessert spoon.
  • Kitchen cloth, used as teatowel, pot handle holder, etc.
  • Penknife (Opinel No. 2).
  • Shaver (Wahl Mobile Shaver Type 3615), rechargeable.
  • Stainless steel mirror.
  • Small flannel, hotel soap, travel toothbrush, airline toothpaste, small comb, in a plastic bag.
  • Pertex towel, in the plastic pouch it was supplied in.
  • Toilet paper, a big wad removed from a roll, in a plastic bag.
  • Disposable cigarette lighter.
  • Sun screen, dispensed into a 35mm film pot. Only carried if fine weather is expected.
  • Pocket Smidge, as tick deterrent.
  • O’Tom Tick Twister tools, large and small.
  • A banknote or two and a card for contactless payment, in a plastic bank coin bag.
  • ONN Power Bank and its USB/Micro-USB cable, for charging phone.
  • Stormproof camera pouch (Aquapac), threaded onto rucksack hip belt, and containing:
  • Compact camera (Sony DSC-WX60), and
  • Mobile phone, minus its case, and separated from the camera by the padding in the pouch. My route guide and other useful information are preloaded as documents onto the SD card.
  • Waterproof map case (Aqua-Quest The Trail), clipped with a karabiner onto a rucksack shoulder strap, and containing:
  • OS 1:25,000 map OR Screen captures of my route from MemoryMap printed on A4 paper, plus my personal details (name, address, next-of-kin phone numbers, etc.)
  • Underpants (Jockey Sport Microfiber Active Brief).
  • Microfleece shirt (Paramo Trail Shirt).
  • Trousers (Tog 24 Reno) with webbing belt (Rohan).
  • Fleece pull-on (Lowe Alpine Aleutian) – or packed in rucksack if warm.
  • Thin(ish) walking socks, synthetic material (Bridgedale Cool Fusion Trail Sport).
  • Waterproof socks (SealSkinz Thin Mid-length), worn over the walking socks.
  • Walking boots (Meindl Borneo Pro MFS), with Sidas Comfort 3D Insoles.
  • Watch (Casio GW-M850-1ER G-Shock, waterproof, solar-powered, radio controlled, LED backlight, etc.)
Carry in trouser and shirt pockets
  • Handkerchief.
  • Tube of glucose tablets.
  • Car key, minus the keyring and remote locking fob, in a zipped pocket.
  • Whistle (Karrimor) & LED keyring torch (Inova Squeeze Light), together on a short cord.
  • Microfibre glasses cleaning cloth.
  • Compass (Silva Ranger 3), on a long cord around neck.
  • Walking poles (Leki Makalu).
Food carried for 4 – 4.5 days (for 3 – 3.5 days in italics)
  • Powdered isotonic drink:  enough to make 8 half-pint drinks (6 drinks).
  • Muesli:  12 oz (9 oz) with a little sugar mixed in.
  • Powdered milk:  enough to make 4 x half-pints (3 x half-pints).
  • Instant coffee:  a 35mm film pot filled.
  • Sweetener:  12 tablets for 4 mugs of coffee (9 tablets for 3 mugs), in a tiny plastic pill box.
  • Instant soup:  5 (4) packets.
  • Energy bar:   9 (7) bars.
  • Yorkie bar:  3 (2) bars.
  • Freeze-dried dinner:  4 (3) packs.
  • Glucose tablets:  1.5 (1 to 1.5) tubes.

Muesli, powdered drink and milk are carefully measured, and poured into plastic bags which are closed with tiewraps, while each is put in a 2nd bag for additional security. I write the number of spoonfuls to use on the drink and milk bags with a marker pen.
Also packed is a spare plastic bag and tiewrap to put empty packets and wrappers in.

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