There is no doubt in my mind how much longer things take to do when you are wild camping, and it is not just because you are on a holiday and taking things easy.

Getting dressed or undressed inside a dog kennel-sized tent is a laborious procedure, and you must get your boots on and laced up before you can step on the damp ground outside.

At home you stand in your kitchen with worktops, utensils, sink, taps and electric kettle all within easy reach, and in the bathroom too everything is at hand. When wild camping you have to unpack each item ready for use and balance it on uneven ground, before levering your tired body off the floor to clamber down to a stream to fill something with water, afterwards picking bits of grass and little insects out of it before sterilising it.

It doesn’t sound much to get dressed, prepare and eat breakfast, have a wash, take a tent down and pack a rucksack, but overall it takes me at least two hours between getting out of my sleeping bag and setting off each morning.

Rain slows the procedure down even more, not only because everything has to be done in the shelter of the tent porch but also because I then dawdle, hoping it might clear up before I leave.

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